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Let's get personal


I like to know someone, at least a bit, before I consider working with them. So here's a bit more of my story.


  • I've been married 31 years to my amazingly patient husband Corey.

  • We have five grown children—three sons God gave us through birth; one son God gave us through unofficial adoption; and our only daughter brought to us by God and adopted as an adult.

  • Music is one of the main ways I've connected with God and with others, both as a listener and as a singer/songwriter/worship leader. You can learn more about my speaking and music at debmantel.com.

  • I love dark chocolate, reading everything, and playing games with the family.

  • One of my great joys is making a practical difference in the lives of women.
  • I'm always up for spending time with my girlfriends, speaking at women's retreats, mentoring women, and most anything girly.

  • At the same time, I love sports (all of my kids are athletes) and am a die-hard Michigan Wolverines fan!

  • I DON'T have it all together. Gotta keep it real. It's all grace.

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